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Project Management

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Helping People Delivering Projects

Development projects need to be managed throughout the entire life of the project in order to be successful. The HPC Urban team can help clients manage this process either by:
Managing your project from acquisition through to final sales;
Providing the strategic advice you need to manage the project yourself.

Our project management consultants have the experience to oversee the project financially by administering payment to consultants, builders and contractors during project construction. HPC have worked with financial institutions, organising construction funding, administering drawdowns, and managing sales and settlements at the finalisation of the project.

Critical to profitable developments is the due diligence aspect of acquisition. HPC have acted for clients in analysing potential acquisition sites. This includes coordinating consultants to undertake extensive research, testing, consultation, review and reporting for development sites. The ‘due diligence’ process also requires strategic advice on probable development yields, risk assessment, project cost analysis and strategic advice on project concept designs.

HPC have been providing clients with advice drawn from extensive development industry experience. This advice has led clients to securing sites, and in some instances, abandoning projects due to the high risks. Therefore, you can have confidence that we will help you make stronger, more confident decisions that lead to successful, more profitable results.

The HPC team has been appointed to provide strategic advice and reporting on development risk assessment for its financial institution clients. This advice is considered vital in assessing and approving project finance approvals.

HPC have also been engaged post-construction to assess the probability of the developer completing the development on time and on budget. Additionally, we have undertaken reviews of development approvals for its clients to assess the risks and possible issues relating to development approval conditions.


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