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Town Planning

HPC Urban’s Brisbane town planners provide strategic advice to clients making town planning applications for their projects.

Our Services

Development Approvals

We have prepared countless development applications for large corporate and private clients in the residential, commercial, industrial, hospitality and retail industries. This experience combined with strategic planning advice, and client representation to Government and Council, allows HPC to maximise development yields for client projects.

Managing Teams

We manage the consultant and development teams for our clients, liaising with professionals such as architects; civil, traffic, acoustic and environmental engineers; ecologists and land surveyors.

RiskSMART Application

If you need a development application to be approved quickly, HPC Urban can help. With our proven track record to consistently deliver excellent quality development applications, HPC Urban is accredited by Brisbane City Council to make RiskSMART development applications. As a Brisbane City Council accredited RiskSMART consultant, we are able to offer you a more time- and cost-efficient option for low-risk development proposals.

Property Development Advice

We provide forward planning advice and calculate the costs for infrastructure charges levied by Governments and Councils. We then offer strategic advice on minimising these charges and have achieved reductions of hundreds of thousands of dollars for client projects.

Town Planning Submissions

HPC prepare town planning submissions against development applications on behalf of clients and local communities. These town planning submissions have successfully quashed proposed developments that would have impacted on client businesses, community amenity or affected future developments.

Planning & Environment Court

On occasions development applications or development projects end up in court. HPC represented our clients in the courts as expert witnesses in the Planning and Environment; Land; and Supreme Courts. Ernie Harvey has been chair person on the Building and Development Disputes Resolution Committees in Queensland for the past 5 years.

Site due diligence & analysis

Site investigations and yield analyses are integral to achieving profitable development outcomes. HPC undertake reviews of planning schemes and carry out analyses of site topography and features to assess the potential for profitable development ventures. We carry out analyses for projects of all sizes and values, from small two-lot subdivisions through to $200 million dollar projects.

Our Projects

Our team of urban planning consultants will lead your project to success by providing practical advice and professional services. Our professional advice, reports and conceptual design have succeeded in delivering a broad range of development approvals and projects including landfill sites, shopping centres, industrial buildings, multi-unit residential complexes, land subdivisions and many others.

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